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Exclude paths not working – EE 2 & Backup Pro 3

Hi, I can't seem to get my file backups to exclude certain folders. All the files are included. I suspect it is a hosting set-up, but can't seem to pin-point how to define the server paths.

If it helps, the downloaded archives have unzip into a 'chroot' folder.

I'm taking backups from the module in EE. I created dummy folders for quicker tests, here are my paths:

File backup locations: /home/socialli/

Exclude Paths: /home/socialli/

Attached is the download of the backup.

(280 Bytes)
Do you mean the folder is named "chroot"? How are you taking the backups? From Console or using the web interface? (It shouldn't matter for the exclude part, but "chroot" is odd)

For the excludes, Backup Pro expects the full system path to the directory being excluded from system root. So, for example, "/var/www/mysite/public_html/exlude/this/thing"
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