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Backup Pro 4.0 Discussion

Hey all ("all" 4 of you),

The world's moving fast, the planet's rotating wildly on its axis, expectations are rising, so Backup Pro 4.X is already being planned. I know, I know; it's only been 9 months since Backup Pro 3.X was released SO WHAT THE HELL, MAN?!?!

Well, a REALLY good reason actually.

While Backup Pro 3 has made some great strides in terms of being a solid and platform agnostic backup tool, it's also developed quite a few useful tools that I've come to realize need to be shared with the world. Bluntly, I'm hoping to make a majority of what makes Backup Pro what it is open source (MIT if you care about such things). Not Backup Pro itself, as a program, mind you, but the building blocks that make up Backup Pro. Those will be open source. The details of THAT are very much TBD though so more will be coming.

But one thing is clear; in order to do THAT, a pretty substantial refactoring is called for. And since Backup Pro follows Semantic Versioning (semver), to the freaking letter, we're talking major version bump.

There's also a selfish component I should own up to; I get to implement some new functionality without worrying about the existing installations. A good example of this would be PostgreSQL support. Being focused solely on MySQL, Backup Pro's limited in what CMS's it can support; Joomla and Drupal both get kind of awkward without PostgreSQL. So I get to implement that without a worry about breaking things, or worse, shoehorning a solution into place.

So here's what's planned:

  1. Open Sourcing the Jaeger libraries
  2. Adding PostgreSQL, MSSql, Oracle, and SqlLitte support
  3. New UI/UX across all platforms
  4. Adding Plugin/Event system

The astute will quickly recognize, there isn't much there in terms of big features or justifying an upgrade charge, so as it stands now, this is planned a free upgrade. That said, this isn't 100% thought through yet so it's subject to change.

If anyone has any requests, I'm hoping to catalogue them here so everyone can discuss, so leave your replies if you have one.

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