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How long does it take to backup a site to an external storage provider?


we are doing a feasibility study for a project and plan to use BackupPro for the backups. We want to use Google Cloud Storage (Nearline) and i wanted to ask you, if you have any data of the time a backup needs for a site with quite a lot of files (ca. 5GB).

And second question is there a possibility of incremental backups with BackupPro?


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Like with most things when dealing with computers, it'll come down to a quite a few variables. Just off the top of my head:

  1. The number of files
  2. The size of said files
  3. The type of files (binary vs plain text)
  4. The HDD read and write speeds
  5. The CPU specs
  6. The amount and type of RAM
  7. How much of the server resources are available
  8. The network speed at the server level

So, lots and lots of variables at play. Still, Backup Pro should have no issue backing up your files even on a busy server with minimal specs; it'll just affect the time it'll take to complete.

That said, I can provide a demo copy for you to review and benchmark in your environment to make sure you're covered.

As to incremental backups, no, Backup Pro doesn't support that. A key tenant of Backup Pro is that disaster recovery should be easy and painless and require no third party system to perform. Unfortunately, incremental backups allow for none of those so I can say with certainty that it'll never be included in Backup Pro.

I hope that helps.

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