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EE version and 30 days of trial


I have two questions:

1. On your website it says:



Securit:ee >= 1.3.7 requires ExpressionEngine 2.6 at least


So does it mean that latest version 1.4 will works with EE 2.7.3?


2. states:

Includes 30 days of free, developer, support!

How I can get those 30 days of free to test add-on first?

Yes, Securit:ee 1.4 will work with EE 2.7.3 without issue.

The included support is only available after purchase and only available for issues and problems with a product; there isn't a trial available to download or test just yet though I'm working on a solution to that. 

 Is there time period for "money back" when add-on is not going to work or will have issues with used other extensions/add-ons?


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