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Suppressing Apache error log warnings


I have an awful lot of warnings within my Apache error log when using the backup. The warnings are:

Warning: Using a password on the command line interface can be insecure.

The MySQL backup method is set to MySQLDUMP.

Would it be possible to suppress these warnings? Having a quick think I would have thought adding " 2>/dev/null" or something may prevent these from being added to the log?


Interesting. Turns out this is a much larger problem than just errors; I'm seriously going to have to fix the underlying cause.

So, yes, this specific error message will go away, but no, suppressing the errors won't happen; they're just too valuable, as witnessed by your specific error...

Expect a change in the next release.

Oh, ok. I hope this helped in some way. I do have several hundred lines with this error during each backup, so I'm happy if just this error message goes away.

I'll be waiting expectantly :)


Just for accounting and progress: I've sent Simon an update that has a change for this.