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Freeform encrypted field doesn't decrypt on export

Hi Eric, I'm experiencing the same behavior as the person in this support request ( In Freeform Pro when I export form entries that use the encrypted field type to .csv it outputs the encrypted text. The expected behavior is that a person who can view the decrypted content should be able to export it as decrypted. I bought Secrit:ee about a bazillion years ago, so I'm pretty sure this falls way out of your support window, but I hope you'll consider doing two things: 1. Updating your documentation and website content to explicitly identify this. 2. Fix this bug in a future release. It would make this already incredibly useful product just that much better.

Thanks for reminding me; I'll look into resolving this for the next update/release.

Hey Eric, I'm not sure how to contact you other than here, but can we discuss perhaps me paying to have this fixed? I'm not sure what it would cost, but I would love to discuss it. Thanks!

 Hi Brett,

This is actually fixed up in the beta preview of Export It available on your mithra62 account page.


WOW! That's amazing! Thank you. Just a quick clarification: do I need to have Export It installed or did you mean the Securit:ee beta preview? There's one of each.

 Woops! Sorry; still half asleep here. No, just install Securit:ee (I had released 2 betas real close together so was confused).


Hey Eric, any idea when the Securit:ee update that fixes the encrypted field export will come out of beta? My IT folks won't let me install beta stuff on our production server. :-/

Hi Brett,

Usually I wait for just this type of moment, or a couple months of public preview, whichever comes first. So, yeah... good to go. Just updated it so go nuts and feel happy you have an IT staff who takes their jobs so seriously :)

Let me know if you need anything else.


Works beautifully. Thank you!

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