Update for January 26th 2015

Today's push includes quite a few features and bug fixes. Here's the complete skinny:

  1. Fixes issue with Timers not working for some users
  2. Fixes issue with Task progress update not resetting status properly
  3. Adds schedule form field for daily task reminder email
  4. Removes blank option from Master Company on settings
  5. Adds File Revision Status to File display
  6. Fixes bug with SqlEvent where some account_id parameters woudln't be recognized if aliased
  7. Finishes ViewEvent to display other MojITrac accounts a user is associated with
  8. Adds form element to modify Task Auto Archive Days on Settings form
  9. Fixes bug with changing a Project's owning company and the child items
  10. Adds database profiler
  11. Adds the ability to encrypt Notes and Bookmark description
  12. Adds new permission to allow own IP address when blocked
  13. Adds Blocked IP view
  14. Adds email to confirm ownership to allow IP access
  15. Fixes issue with ZF flash error messages not being displayed

As always, if there are any issues or questions don't hesitate letting me know.

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