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Export It Matrix field support

Hi we are interested in using Export It in conjuction with Datagrab to migrate a EE site from 2.5.5 to 2.10.1. There are quite a few channels that use the Matrix field, I noticed on Devot-ee that Matrix is not supported. I just want to clarify the extent of Matrix support if any at all. If not what would be the process of possibly adding Matrix support?

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There is Matrix support through a variety of methods. The channel entries export will export matrix data though doing so in a CSV or Excel format is ill advised depending on your Matrix setup. Basically, since CSV and Matrix are only 2 dimensions (rows and columns) but Matrix data is multi dimensional, things can get ugly. Therefore, you'd be best served to export as XML or JSON if including Channel Entries export.

There's also the stand alone template tag so you can craft exports of Matrix data outside of Channel Entries.
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